O’Reily in Rockfield Studio, Monmouth

WELCOME to the O’Reily website.  Thank you so much for tuning in.

My name is O’Reily and I am quite close to retirement at the slender bite of 54 years of age. I am from the land of Tom (Pontypridd). I am a singer, songwriter and a poet who loves to drink Moet!

I am in awe with what is happening to me right now with the release of my song ‘Mama Dear’!  Proceeds from the sale of the song are going to: Cancer Research & Genetics UK.

After meeting, by sheer chance, Mr Nick Philips, the director of the charity I played him the demo of the song ‘Mama Dear’ and Nick immediately agreed that the song could help his charity.  He suggested we record the track at Rockfield Studios in Monmouth. The iconic venue, where many a music legend have hung out. Artists such as Budgie, Queen, Oasis, David Bowie, Simple Minds and Coldplay to name just a few have all recorded there.

It was also by sheer luck that I met up with, through my job delivering parcels, a certain Mr Ray Philips, the original drummer from the pioneering heavy rock band Budgie from the early seventies. Spiritually he must have seen something in me as I blessed him when he received his parcel. As I left his doorstep Ray stopped me in my tracks. We chatted and very soon he agreed to play drums on the song ‘Mama Dear’. I am also grateful for his help in finding other musicians, David Price and Tom Prince who have contributed to the song immensely. I will be forever grateful to have met them through Ray Philips who I regard as a legend in his own right. I look forward to working with Ray more in the future.

I believe anything is possible in life and if we keep at it, even if it takes years upon years, opportunity will eventually knock. So never give up on your dreams, use whatever talent and skills that you have acquired in life. Keep the faith and some day it will happen.

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